Anna Neubauer


Nina Huber

.....her path was inevitable. From her earliest days, she was hooked on photography and equestrian sport and what started out as a hobby went on to became a part time occupation and soon significantly more.
Each success and every positive comment inspired new ideas... and this is the result.
The collection of medals to be found on this website have been achieved thanks to the first class teamwork and passionate commitment of all the riders.
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank the breeders, the owners and the entire team!

Alexandra Rövekamp

Alexandra does not only enrich each shooting by her beauty!
Driven by her a good mood, she promotes young talents easily and without stress. Quite some exceptional horses commenced from the hands of the sympathic blond. Not only clients and owners highly appreciate horses trained by her since the horses keep the ride-ability for them and are easy to manage. Alexandra called “Axa” – an outstanding, diligent and friendly trainer with heart and intelligence as well as a bright future.

Heiko Klausing

This seasoned master has one of the largest trophy and ribbon collections, but that is by no means the most impressive things about him. As one of the best known auction riders, Heiko is the ideal choice for training young horses - naturally he also trains all the way up to the highest classes and he holds the golden mark of distinction awarded by the German Equestrian Association (Das goldene Reitabzeichen).
He has had innumerable successes on the tournament grounds of Germany, and his achievements to date are far too numerous to be listed here. Fun is still foremost in the Klausing barn and a great mood still reigns at photo-shoots.
Heiko Klausing - a rock solid, unassuming trainer, who has achieved what others only dream of.